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This definitely is interesting for dA.  But I kind of like it haha.
Now being launched into Tech Week for the fall production tomorrow.. it is 1 am and I have a ton of make up work to do too...

I will respond to notes and messages through out the week!  Sorry for no repsonse!  I AM NOT IGNORING YOU!!!
 Waking up at the usual 6 am for school was never so bad. . I am starting my senior year at high school and just want to be done with it already.  I already want to graduate and move on with things that will actually teach me thing and benefit me in the career I want to do.

But first, 183 days of school.  I have three APs, AP Calculus (AB), AP Psychology, and AP Literature.  The other classes are fun and not much work. :thumb:

My schedule for the month of September is CRAZY.    I'm stressing from it even though most events are fun.  This weekend I am going to yet another music festival (I'm addicted sorry ha ha ha) and then next weekend, september 5-8 I am going to Colorado for a polish wedding with my dad and to be tourists.

BUT, the moment I get back from colorado I am thrown right into Tech Week for the first Fall Production Play at my school! :facepalm:  The show is Kiss the Air, made by my directors so I doubt any of you would have heard of it.

Because of this stupid show being so early, I am missing my boyfriend's parents' wedding. :(  Maybe I can weasel myself out and in but we'll see.

September will be a crazy month, as soon as this show is over though, I have free time from shows ALLLLL the way to December!  

How is school for you guys?  Did you start? What classes? Talk to me!
was gone for five days, excuse my absence! 
Luther Hale Character Sheet by Laufeiia
Luther Hale Character Sheet

>I D E N T I T Y

| x | [[ INVENTORY SHEET ]] | x |

First Name: Luther
Surname: Hale
Nickname(s): Lu/Loo 
Alias(s): Rah (Used within the backstreets where more cats know him as a hitman, 
basically his hitman name.)
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birth-date: November 17th
Star sign: Scorpio
Sexuality: Bisexual
Romantic orientation: Demiromantic
Subbreed: Sannen/Raen

>>P R O S P E R I T Y

>> Novice Hitman (He only likes to take on requests that he views as a sort of justice and benefit to him.)
>> Novice Dancer/Performer

General appearance: 
Luther is a tall and lean cat who likes to take care of his hygiene. Being albino, he sports a sleek white coat, with a long thin tail to follow him around.  Due to the Raen genetics running in his blood, he has blood red eyes.  Along with the albinism, his Sannen blood is portrayed through the curved horns of a goat that hug around his ears.  With the few faded markings across his pelt, his horns are a a deep brown leaving other cats to often notice them first about him.

Lu often can strike others as a bigger brother type.  He is not afraid to have small talk with any cat but does put up a wall when the conversation gets more personal, especially with him.  Luther likes to do errands for others and help when he can, as a sort of penance for himself when there is blood on his paws.  He is in the middle class, yet he is mostly seen in poorer areas for his job.  Being a performer, you can find Luther on the streets playing with poi or doing balancing acts on ropes.  He enjoys playing with fire as well (mainly fire poi), fire breathing and eating was something he was taught to do at a young age.

Religion: Solstice/Equinox,  He doesn't care much for the religion but he can see sense in both.  

Physical health: 96% 
This guy strongly cares for physical health, from fitness to hygiene he is on top on everything.  Lu makes sure he eats right and gets enough sleep when he can, as well as trying to stay sharp with fitness for he often finds himself scaling walls or jumping distances.  If anything, his joints ache from time to time from a night's long trek.

Mental Health: 75%
Having only himself to really confide in when life problems happen, it starts to eat at him when he feels he must keep parts of his life in secret for the fear of being looked down at. In self-critical times, he thinks of himself as fake and a shame.  


[ Contemplative | Organized | Athletic | Realistic | Warm | Closed-Off ]

Oragnized - {{:bulletgreen:}}
His home looks as good as new with how Luther cleans.  He often likes to divide up his day by timeslots with events to ensure a sort of routine and "cleanliness" to his day's list of things to do.  Messy areas don't bother him, but if he found himself in an unclean area for a while don't be surprised if you started to see him sift debris into neat piles.

Athletic - {{:bulletgreen:}}
Luther on the job is often jumping from roof to roof, scaling walls, walking across laundry rope lines and running other odd paths. Doing these actions for most of his life he also grew to know how to stay silent throughout most of it.  Lean muscles line his bones and he sure is proud of it.

Warm - {{:bulletgreen:}}
Despite a violent job, he does like to talk to other cats in hopes to feel normal and show people he is truly a generous cat to the heart.  He is nice to any kind of cat, and if shown negativity he easily forgives and gives the other space.  When he performs on the streets he especially enjoys watching younglings crowd around him in awe; he does not hesitate to share his toys with them and teach a thing or two.

Contemplative - {{:bulletyellow:}}
Feeling the need to keep a part of his life secret, at times he is found deep in thought with the night's plans or a customer's request or bargain.  If he finds himself too close revealing a part of him meant to be hidden he recedes within himself and thinks more than speaks with the other cat.  

Realistic - {{:bulletred:}}
Finding no need or desire to be blinded by fairy tales or hopes or anything intangible, he takes the route as he sees and feels it.  Not being religious at all but accepting it for what it is is something Luther is known for around where he lives.  His father's beliefs also creating a great influence on him.  Also why some customers of his like him, for he doesn't believe a god or goddess will strike him down if he kills or that karma will bite him back.

Closed-Off - {{:bulletred:}}
Luther doesn't allow cats to know him too well, and evades cats who try to get to know him.  Some cats find this annoying, for they would like to know more about the cat who goes out of their way to ask them about their day.  His mysterious life also strikes suspicion in cats who are clever and have a small background in who Luther's parents were.

>>S T R E N G T H S
>> Agility/Balance 
>> Charismatic
>> Silent-footing

>>W E A K N E S S E S 
>> Mistrust in Authority and in general.
>> Competitive
>> Social Life (Hasn't really ever made deep bonds)

>>F E A R S
>> His main occupation becoming public. 
>> Impaired Vision
>> Loneliness


The relationship between Dame and Evalyn was an understanding one, both having fallen in love with each other upon first sight.  His mother Evalyn would often be a performer within the main streets of the city, her body like a snake's, captivating many passerby to watch her and pitch money into the small bowl she had near her.  Dame was a well-known Scholar, often experimenting with magic and sticking his nose in places where he really shouldn't.  As many men of Cragloft did, Dame came across the snow-white she-cat on the street where his place of work was.  Her pelt stood out from the dark and brown landscape of the city's background, her performer's outfit of shiny trinkets and green clothes catching Dame's attention right off the bat.  Standing by for a while watching, the tom would always try to catch the eyes of Evalyn, but she always seemed to evade a cat's gaze.  Thus sparked the many performances of where Evalyn played with fire fans for the crowd; each time Dame was present and always tried to catch her attention. Only after a good month of him trying to gain her interest did she finally look at Dame and smile, as though she just then acknowledged his presence at every show he was at.  It was then that he knew she was aware of him at the very start, and was determined to stay till the end of her performance to speak with her.  From then on the two of them stuck together very well, and soon Luther was on the way for the family.  

It was apparent that as Luther grew up he was more canny towards his mother's skills,  enjoying the fire close to his face and singing the ends of his white pelt on accident.  His father was in no way hurt by this, in fact he embraced it.  It was he who insisted that Luther learn how to fire eat and breathe, along with Dame himself learning for an all-around family experience.   The youngling did not ignore Dame's way of life, he would often sit in with his father and listen as his father spoke of life and religion, of consciousness and how religion was not needed in order to live a life of grandeur.  Dame often spoke aloud on how religion was only an illusion, and often studied and busted religious myths. He also made himself a hated figure by prophets and sages.  

All too soon, Dame was assassinated.   His body was found within the alleys near the Scholar's School and Library, and was informed of to Evalyn and Luther the moment of.   Evalyn never chose to blame anyone, only to accept what happen and grieve, yet Luther could not handle his father's death.  He knew of his father's rash opinions and suspected the religious community in the murder of his father.  Dame's death set the family into a period of silence, causing Evalyn to never perform again.  Luther each night found himself lurking around religious ruins and following prophets that Dame used to argue with. Grief and anger raged within the youngling's heart, and people of his neighborhood had noticed as well.  The once loud and extroverted family now quiet and introverted.  The guards of Cragloft never intervened or went to seek justice, for a Scholar like Dame did not strike much importance to the royals.  This sprouted the seed in Luther's heart and mind that authority itself isn't legitimate or justly.  

Older cats who were too afraid to get blood on their claws looked to Luther's blinding grief and grudge, cats who shared the same ideas and opinion like his father's.  As Luther grew up to be around seventeen these older cats made footholds in bonds with Luther. He was gradually influenced by these individuals to kill a certain prophet. They told him this prophet was the killer of his father, and also caused discomfort among the entire community, which fed to Luther's flames of revenge.  The sight of his mother often grieving in the window broke his heart. The only life he saw in her was when he performed and practiced his tricks in front of her for critique, her eyes growing alive and interested for mere moments.  Bills were piling quickly as well, for his mother never performed anymore since Dame's death and their neighbors gave up on supporting a once lovely family.  The older cats and scholars finally convinced him to go forth in killing the Prophet discreetly, offering more than enough money to Luther.  When the tom was only seventeen, he killed his first person.  He in fact did it so well that word of it spread through the slums of Cragloft.  He soon took the name Rah as a form of protection from his mother and took hitman requests that he deemed justifiable.

From performing on the streets in the shadow of his mother during the day and evenings, to slinking away in the night to bag large amounts of money, Luther provides for his mom extremely well.  Evalyn still never leaves far from their home, and has never picked up her fans or performance clothes yet.  Luther lives with his mother to keep a close eye on her, and her presence is what keeps him the charming generous cat that he is.   Luther strictly sticks to killings that are shown to be right or reasonable, knowing his occupation is extremely dangerous if brought to the surface with most cats.


>>F A M I L Y

[Father | Dame | Male | Sannen | Deceased ]
[Mother | Evalyn | Female | Raen | Alive | 40 years of age ]

>>T R A C K E R

:bulletgreen: - Friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: - Good friend
:bulletyellow: - Acquaintance
:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: - Associate 
:bulletorange: - Envy
:bulletorange::bulletorange: - Rival
:bulletred: - Crush
:bulletred::bulletred: - Love
:bulletpink: - Respect
:bulletpink::bulletpink: - Admire
:bulletblue: - Indifferent
:bulletblue::bulletblue: - Tolerate
:bulletwhite: - Unsure
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: - confused
:bulletblack: - Dislike
:bulletblack::bulletblack: - Hate

| Character Name | {{:bulletgreen:}}
"Information here"


>> R O L E P L A Y - T Y P E S
>> Chat Style - Yes
>> Crack RP - Maybe
>> Small posts (1-2 paragraphs) - Yes
>> Medium posts (2-4 paragraphs) - Yes
>> Large posts (4+ paragraphs) - Maybe

>> R O L E P L A Y - M E T H O D S
>> Skype - Yes
>> Notes - Yes
>> Comments - Maybe
>> Chats - Yes
>> E-mail - No
>> Google Docs - Maybe
>> Blog - Maybe

>> R O L E P L A Y - E X A M P L E

[ Lionleap/Poppylight | Clansofthenorth ]
Lionleap's fur tugged to stand on end, his hackles raising as the mist engulfed cats he knew and cared for.  The scream that ripped through every cat's last strand of courage echoed within his mind, his eyes pinpointing his mate and kits the moment it erupted.   He abandoned his post below the rock to be by his mate's side, his whiskers whisking through the mist as his mind reeled through what has just been announced by the spirits.  

Finding a ruddy pelt within reach and one of his sons, he knelt down and gave a comforting yet rushed lick between Raywhisker's ears, not caring if that embarrassed him or not within the crowd. He recognized Serpentfang beside his mate.  All the while his eyes tried to pierce the mist in order to find his other kids. Finally meeting Redfawn's eyes he was at lost for words, only a low growl crawling its way out and rolling on his tongue. 

The golden tom paced around his loved ones, his tongue betraying his composure as it rolled out of his mouth, panting.  His eyes were looking at where the leaders were perched, or would be since the mist made viewing difficult.  What would they say?   Lionleap stilled and forced his mouth to shut.  Lionleap then asked himself what he would do and was at loss for an answer.    His claws dug into the ground, debris and dirt nestling in the hooked crevices and digging into his paw pad.  Lionleap then faced a question that dripped ice cold dread at the pit of his stomach, not only were they in danger, but was Starclan in danger as well?  In response to his own question he curled his body around Raywhisker and Redfawn, pressing his pelt into theirs.


Poppylight froze as thick sinking clouds brushed itself against her pelt.  It sent icy chills all the way to her spine, making her ears flatten to her skull.  She was vaguely aware of her pelt puffing up, her tail now looking like a bunch of thistles strung together in a line.   Her sight was impaired with the mist, and a panic was slowly rising in her that made a whine escape her throat.  "Father? Mother?" She meowed into the clouds, but her voice failed her and left her in whispers.  She looked around herself and only saw cats she did not know, anxiety unsheathing her claws into the ground as if she were about to be ripped away.  The voice within the mist left her shaking, yet the scream was what drove her into a crouch to the ground, amber eyes burning wide, her teeth slightly chattering.

Art + Group (c) AkaPanuka
Character (c) Me
Now being launched into Tech Week for the fall production tomorrow.. it is 1 am and I have a ton of make up work to do too...

I will respond to notes and messages through out the week!  Sorry for no repsonse!  I AM NOT IGNORING YOU!!!


Laufeiia's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

My real name is Natalia, and I still go to High School in my area.

Art was always kind of there for me, the earliest memory
of what I drew was way back in my toddler years I'd draw
a white cat with a huge pink bow paired with a bunch of
flowers in her mouth. Don't really know why, just happened.
Then through my junior high years I progressed in my art through
drawing wolves, then cats more.

And now? Oh it's a bunch of stuff. I like designing things,
throwing two themes on paper together no matter if opposites.
I like to paint here and there abstract stuff.
But for digital art I mainly always go back to cats or wolves,
which is what I'm trying to either change, or make something more of it! :)


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